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Woke-ish is a vodcast on various topics that are doing rounds in our society. An informal conversation between guests. A safe space to be anyone who wants to talk about anything off limits. Our aim is to get a discussion going with guests from every age group and understand their interpretation on various topics. This is a show where everyone is entitled to their own opinions and thoughts and are not subjected to any prejudice.

Wokeish Ep 1: Emotional Cheating – Where Do You Draw The Line?

Emotional infidelity is a kind of infidelity where a partner shares emotional intimacy and bonding with someone who is not the partner. In general, emotional cheating occurs when the closeness you feel with another person compromises the investment you make in your partner. If your partner seems to defensively object to the outside relationship, that may be because emotional cheating is happening.

While our collective news feeds are often filled with juicy gossip and updates of someone having an extramarital affair with a certain someone else… We sometimes forget about the thin line in relationships – Emotional Cheating. Or sometimes confiding in somebody else looks so great and feels so comfortable that we don’t realize that we’re emotionally cheating.

Watch the digital-savvy couple – Sarang & Paula, Priya Bannerjee, and Shruti discuss the ‘grey wala shade’ of Emotional Cheating in the 1st episode of Woke-ish, a brand new Vodcast by Man’s Life.

Wokeish Ep 2: Who Pays On The First Date?

“It is always best if both parties are willing to offer to pay, but as a man, I enjoy being the person who picks up the tab for our first date. I would be reluctant to split the bill on the first date, but I do think the girl should at least offer!” – Anonymous

Do you think the same as well??

Well, if you’re planning to go on your 1st date with your latest Tinder/Bumble/Hinge or whatever floats your boat match, you gotta watch this episode. Kenisha, Suveer, DJ Shaan and Sakshi share their two cents about paying on the first date.

Wokeish Ep 3: Am I Really Comfortable In My Skin?

‘Thoda weight kam karle, phir sabh sahi ho jaayega’ – Parents, nosy relatives, picky friends, gully ki aunties and your ignorant cousins must have said this to you at least once in your lifetime, and we get it if you’ve been giving them your finger in your heads. They deserve it.

But the sad part is, that their comments and unsolicited weight loss/gain advice do have an effect on all of us.

Prateek, Tanvi, Minnati and Ritika are here to talk about the Body Positivity movement and also to answer arguably one of the most difficult questions one can ask themselves – Am I really comfortable in my skin?

Wokeish Ep 4: Are Dating Apps Killing Old School Romance?

Hasn’t it been long since you initiated a conversation with someone offline that could have turned into a potential date? We get it. With the ease of access that online dating apps provide these days, it has become a rare scene that you pick your date at a bar or a bookshop, the old-school way?

With more people adopting a new way of dating right now thanks to smartphones and technology, dating games are evolving quickly, and we might have forgotten just how easy it used to be. While everyone is busy scrolling, DMing, and posting updates online, the old-school love is still finding its way into this modern world. Old-school lovers are not opposed to modern love, but find it so difficult to connect with it.

But do you think these online dating apps are killing the old-school romance in the world where #NoStringsAttached becoming fashionable?

Watch what Taaruk, Anushi, Suveer and Paridhi have to say about their experiences with this generation’s ongoing obsession – dating apps?

Wokeish Ep 5: 9 to 5’ers v/s Hustlers

The hustle gets you places. We are taught from a very young age that hard work and dedication are the cornerstones of success. But, with hustle culture, there is no such thing as a work-life balance, said a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review. Is it a high that we are chasing or a comfortable lifestyle for our future self? Where to draw the line when your work starts interfering with your health?

Hustle or Work-Life Balance, what is the right answer?

Watch what Suhail, Alisha, Shubhangi and Sameeksha have to say about their experiences with being a 9 to 5’er and a Hustler!

Wokeish Ep 6: Living With Parents vs Living Independently

Is it better to be independent and live alone or to live with your family? – a question almost all of you must have thought at a point in your life. Both the experiences come with their own fair share of ups and downs and for some of us, nothing beats “Ghar ka Khana”!

Still confused what route to take? Then lets dive into the conversation with Suveer, Shreya, Siddhant & Palak and by the end of it, hopefully you will have your answers.

Wokeish Ep 7: Rap Music – Poetry or Profanity?

Rap is a modern form of poetry. It stands for “Rhythm and Poetry” BUT is it shifting to profanity? or like any other art form, is it the artist’s way to share their thoughts? We have got Yashraj Mehra & Ankur Johar (Enkore) two amazing artists, straight from the Hip-Hop Industry in India & on the other end, we have got Shashank Iyer & Abhijeet Bohra who is not exactly swooned by the Rap culture.

Let’s dive into the conversation with our host Chinmaya Sharma and we’ll let YOU decide if Rap Music is poetry or profanity!

Wokeish Ep 8: Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

When a break-up occurs, one wants it more than another. You broke up for a reason – you’re not compatible. You don’t need to be friends with someone who you have been intimate with. But maybe you did maintain a friendship. Is this okay with your new relationship? There are tons of factors to consider. Let’s see what Devanshi Bagri, Dhruv Chawla, Jaivardhan Agrawal & Mallika Bansall have to say!

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