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Why Kareena Kapoor Khan Was Against Renaming Taimur Ali Khan

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan and actress Kareena Kapoor Khan with their son Taimur Ali Khan
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If there’s one thing that Kareena Kapoor Khan is known for, it’s her give-a-damn attitude in an industry that constantly seeks public validation. The actress recently gave birth to her second baby boy and while the couple has yet to reveal a name for the child, one remembers the time that the name ‘Taimur’ caused massive polarisation on Twitter. Netizens were quick to judge and troll a baby they had not even seen.

The trolling was so bad that actor Saif Ali Khan even considered changing his son’s name but Kareena was massively against it.

“I haven’t told anyone about this — I thought for a second about changing his name. For a couple of weeks. And Kareena was a little against it, and she said, ‘People respect you for your opinion and you can’t’… So I said, yeah, but it’s not about people. I don’t want him to get unpopular,” Saif Ali Khan told the Times of India in 2017.

“And I still might, maybe when he’s one or two, I might change his name in a while, it’s still sinking in, what to do. Someone in my PR agreed with me, and we drafted a small letter. And when I read it, it was so pathetic, that I cancelled the idea. Because it was really like, uhh, ‘I’m sorry’, and ‘I didn’t want to offend and ‘I’m an idiot’ (laughs), and you know, I’ve given in to pressure. It just sounded awful. However you write it, it just wasn’t sounding right. It was like I didn’t realise where I live or what I’m doing. So I did think about it. I thought about it, but it was for the wrong reason. If I feel that he’s going to get in trouble in school, I might still change it. It’s a bit late now, though. Or not. I don’t know,” the Omkara actor had added.

However, Kapoor Khan’s take on the whole issue was very different. The name ‘Taimur’ means iron and she liked the power that the name emanated.

“Of course, there was trolling but at the same time, there was immense support from the people we were getting, not that trolls matter to us that much but it was our choice. The day before I was going to the hospital for delivery, I had a talk with Saif and he was suggesting to keep his name Faiz, he said, ‘Bebo, that is a more poetic, more romantic name’. I said ‘no, Taimur means iron and if I give birth to a son, my son is going to be a fighter, I will produce an iron man’. And yes, I proudly did so,” Kapoor Khan said in true Bebo fashion at the India Today Conclave in 2018 during an interview with veteran journalist Rajdeep Sardesai.

Way to go, Bebo!


[Image Credit: ANI]