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Want To Know About Shahid Kapoor’s Teenage Romances? Here’s An Anecdote

Actor Shahid Kapoor
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Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor turned 40 yesterday. The chocolate boy turned handsome hunk has had a great run at the movies and is clearly enjoying his moment in the spotlight. It helps that he’s only gotten hotter with age.

Now, Kapoor’s step-father Rajesh Khatter has revealed how the family shared a “normal relationship of a father, mother and a child”.

“He was a very good looking, sweet child, and there was an instant liking when I first met him. Eventually when we started living together, and it was like any other normal relationship of a father, mother and a child. In fact, from the time I first met him till he started staying with me, there was hardly a gap of a year and a half,” Khatter told Pinkvilla.

There was also a time when Khatter was against a girl that Kapoor really liked.

“And like any worried father I took it quite seriously, not realising that it was a natural progression for any child of that age. In fact, I had gone way ahead imagining like a fool that one day these guys will get married, and I really didn’t like the girl. So I was like he can’t keep the photograph,” Khatter said.


[Image Credit: Shahid Kapoor]