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Tokyo Olympics 2020: Team India Hockey Coach And Shah Rukh Khan Have A Warm Interaction

Srk and Indian women's hockey team
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While the Indian women’s hockey team may have lost their match to the team from Great Britain at the Tokyo Olympics, they have certainly won a billion hearts. And one of those hearts is Shah Rukh Khan’s. Shah Rukh Khan’s film, Chak De! India had been crucial in increasing the nation’s interest towards the national sport and hence, it came as no surprise that he was elated when Team India beat Team Australia to reach the semi-finals. He had even tweeted to the Indian team’s coach, Sjoerd Marijne and they had shared a warm interaction.

Today, following Team India’s loss, SRK tweeted: “Heartbreak!!! But all reasons to hold our heads high. Well played Indian Women’s Hockey Team. You all inspired everyone in India. That itself is a victory.”

Coach Marijne tweeted back at SRK and his message has warmed all hearts. “Thank you @srk for all the love ! It’s great to have support from the best in Bollywood. It’s time for Chak De part 2, what say?” Sjoerd Marijne wrote.

The Indian team finished fourth in the Tokyo Olympics 2020, having delivered an outstanding performance against the best that the world has to offer.