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#Throwback: When Taimur Ali Khan Impressed Priyanka Chopra With His Pout

Taimur Ali Khan & Priyanka Chopra
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When Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan gave birth to Taimur Ali Khan, a star was truly born. Taimur became such a sensation overnight that pictures of him broke the internet and there were even dolls made of him. In fact, there were paparazzi whose sole job was to click pictures of the young Pataudi. Taimur also had fans within the film industry and one of them was Priyanka Chopra. Back in 2016, the little one had caught the Quantico star’s attention with his Kareena-like pout.

“It is such a wonderful moment and it is such a beautiful baby and he already has Kareena’s pout. I am very excited for both Saif and Bebo. And the child is going to be a Prince and people need to focus on that,” Chopra had told Pinkvilla at the time.

“I am very private about my personal life always and because I am a believer that even though public people are for public consumption, there is a part of their life which makes them human and makes them personal. And I definitely think it is no one’s business what a family decides to do and what happens within the 4 walls of their house,” Chopra had also said following the controversy surrounding Taimur’s name.