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“Those who think I am a fraud or a fake are welcome to think so.” – Sonu Sood

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Sonu Sood has a fitting reply for his trolls

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Actor Sonu Sood has been tirelessly working for the people of India since the first lockdown last year. He has arranged for migrant workers to go home and has been relentlessly answering SOS calls from hospitals and people alike. While thousands are in his debt, there are some trolls on social media who prove that the path to hell is paved with good intentions. They have made it their life’s goal to prove that Sood is actually a fraud and have been spending their time spreading fake news and calling up hospitals to ‘verify’ if Sood has actually done his bit. Recently, the District Magistrate of Ganjam district in Odisha tweeted that they had not received any communication regarding any bed requirement from Sood and attached a screenshot where Sood had said that a bed had been arranged.

The tweet from the DM made no sense, grammatically or otherwise, but the trolls had a field day with it. “Sir, we never claimed that we approached you, it’s the needy who approached us and we arranged the bed for him, attached are the chats for your reference. Ur office is doing a great job & u can double check that we had helped him too. Have DM you his contact details. Jai hind,” Sood replied. When asked why he had even bothered to reply to the tweet, the actor and humanitarian said: “The denial (of the effort made to get a hospital bed for the Ganjam citizen) came from a responsible government officer. It was therefore something I had to take seriously. I did not want any miscommunication or any misunderstanding with the administration. I am sure they are doing their utmost to help the people of their district. However, this person did approach us with an SOS for a hospital bed. And we did arrange it, but not to be one-up on the administration.”

“Those who think I am a fraud or a fake are welcome to think so. I am not doing what I am to make a name for myself. I am doing what every Indian should be doing right now,” he added.


[Image Credit: Sonu Sood]