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Sara Ali Khan Says Saif Ali Khan And Amrita Singh Were Better Off Without Each Other

Sara Ali Khan with her mother Amrita Singh
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It is rare to hear Sara Ali Khan speak about her parents Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan. Hence, it came as quite a surprise when she spoke about their divorce on a talk show on the OTT platform, Voot. Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh separated in 2004 and had quite a bitter divorce. Saif Ali Khan had even opened up about how he is unable to see his children because they are with his former wife. He had also said that he has to shell out a lot of money as alimony and that it is difficult for him to do so as he is not Shah Rukh Khan.

Now, Sara has spoken about her parents’ divorce. “It’s very simple. If you see there are two options. Either live in the same house where no one is happy or live separately, where everyone is happy with their own lives, and you also get a different kind of love and warmth every time you meet. I live with my mother. She’s my best friend means everything to me. I have a father too who is always available on the phone, and I can meet him whenever I want. I don’t think they were happy together ultimately, so I guess to separate was the best decision to make at the time,” she said on Voot Original Feet Up With The Stars, Season 3.

“They both are happy in their own world and lives and because of that their kids are happy too. All of us are much happier than we would have been for sure. So, everything happens for a reason,” she added.


[Image Credit: Sara Ali Khan]