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Reasons Why At 54 Madhuri Dixit Remains A Darling For The Indian Male Audience

Madhuri Dixit


Madhuri Dixit remains the national crush after decades in the industry… we list the reasons

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Madhuri Dixit is undoubtedly one of the most popular actresses to ever work in the Hindi film industry. Though Dixit made her debut way back in 1984, she continues to rule the roost even today and is offered lead roles in movies. At the height of her career, Dixit’s Box Office status rivalled those of her male stars and she has consistently featured in multiple media as India’s most popular and bankable female celebrity. However, what makes Dixit stand out is her ability to balance critical acclaim with commercial success. In her early days, she had even established herself as a sex symbol with some sensual dancer numbers. But she never made them look sleazy. And that’s why a father and son both appreciating her moves never seemed wrong. We give you more reasons why she remains the ultimate sweetheart for Indian men.

1. Luring the men to television

While many big actors refuse to do television, Madhuri has been a star judge on dance reality shows. In fact because of her men have also started watching these shows. Her occasional dance moments, flirting with the hosts gets all the 80s and 90s boys take control of the remote.

2. Millennial touch

Even though many of her age are not that savvy with social media, she’s got it bang on. From daily updates to reel challenges, Dixit does all in her might to stay relevant for the millennials and Gen Z. Any wonder than why she enjoys a 20M plus following on  Instagram.

3. Gay icon

In the gay circles of the 80s and 90s, there used to be a saying that if a man likes Madhuri Dixit, he’s straight but if he likes Sridevi, then he’s definitely gay. Sridevi was an undisputed gay icon but Dixit wasn’t far behind, having been an inspiration for gay artists and dancers everywhere. Today she enjoys an equal share of straight as well as gay fanboys

4. Fit and fabulous

During the lockdown, Dixit has been sharing videos of her workout routine and she doesn’t look a day over 35 in them. One more reason for men to admire her.

5. Woke beauty

She voices the right options, promotes adoption of stray animals, does her bit when the country is in need of help… she’s also every woke Indian man’s crush.

6. Coz there will never be anyone like her

Last but not the least, it’s been decades, and there’s not been another woman with a smile like hers or another dancer to match her finesse.


[Image Credit: Madhuri Dixit]