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Radhika Madan Talks About Love With Mayukh Majumdar

Radhika Madan
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Radhika Madan’s star continues to rise. The actress has delivered some solid performances in her career and has earned accolades for the same. She recently starred in Netflix’s Ray and Feels Like Ishq and in the movie, Shiddat. While Shiddat didn’t perform that well, the previous two have performed quite well. Feels Like Ishq, as the name suggests, deals with love. In a chat with Mayukh Majumdar, Content Strategist of Filmfare, Radhika Madan opens up about her journey with love.

“I remember I saw Jaane Tu …Ya Jaane Na with my best friend and I thought that I’m Aditi and he’s Jay. Right after that, I was like, we should date. He was like, ‘Whaaat?!’ And then pyaar dosti hai (love is friendship) and all that shit happened. Now when I think about it, I’m like, ‘Radhika, nooo!’ I wish someone had told me at that point, ‘No, Radhika, no!’ But your mind is impressionable at that age. For me, right now, pyaar dosti nahi hai (love is not friendship) but you know, you need to accept the person wholly. You need to accept their greys as well, not just the black and white. When you accept someone as a person completely, woh pyaar hota hai (that’s love). So that definition for me has changed a lot. Earlier, it was a checklist of how they looked, what flowers they sent. When you learn from life, your definition changes,” she told Mayukh Majumdar in an exclusive interview with Filmfare.


[Featured Image Credit: Radhika Madan]