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R Madhavan Talks About Open Marriages With Mayukh Majumdar

R Madhavan in a movie scene
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Actor R Madhavan is one of the best actors we’ve got in the country. In his decades-long career, he’s managed to impress critics and has built up quite a formidable fanbase. Now, in a chat with Mayukh Majumdar, Content Strategist at Filmfare, Madhavan has spoken about open marriages. This is a topic that Madhavan’s character discusses in Decoupled, his latest show on Netflix.

“I think your question is about the feasibility of an open marriage. For that, you have to define what marriage actually means to you and that is largely conditioned and decided depending on your conditions. Your conditioning, the society you live in, the kind of people you spend time with, the kind of family that you are and that’s what defines marriage. In some places, the wife or the husband would go into divorce just because the husband spoke to another woman on the phone and at other places, if the husband finds out that the girl is still in touch with one of her old friends, who is a guy, that is good enough for people to break up,” he said.

“Without passing judgement, like Surveen said to each his own, but an open marriage is an exception. You are making an exception to the reason that you got married and if your families are involved, they are going to look at it and think that you have made an exception, you have redefined marriage for them in a manner that has not been done before and that’s going to crop up a lot of hurdles and a lot of challenges for you, emotionally and socially,” he added.


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