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Kunal Kapoor Opens Up About His Life At The Movies

Kunal Kapoor
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Kunal Kapoor came back with a bang with The Empire where he played the role of Emperor Babur. Recently, the actor spoke to ETimes about his time at the movies. On being asked about a pleasant memory, he said: “There have been many good things, but when ‘Rang De Basanti’ happened, I remember during this one theatre visit when a particular person read out a letter from his sister who was in the states. That letter said, ‘I am a doctor and after watching your movie I want to come back to India because the RDB dialogue ‘kuch badalna hai toh khud ko badalna hoga’ really affected me’. And that made me realise the power of art and the possibility of what happens when it goes right.”

He also spoke about an unpleasant memory. “As far as bad goes, there have been so many instances where, I don’t want to get into specifics, but, you know, you sign a film and you think it’s going to turn out in a certain way. And, sometimes it doesn’t, you know that it’s not turned out right when you’re watching the preview. That gives you a sinking feeling. Sometimes a good script doesn’t translate into a good film and that can be very disappointing,” he said.


[Image Credit: Kunal Kapoor]