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Kangana Ranaut Was Always The First Choice For The Incarnation – Sita, Not Kareena Kapoor

Kangana Ranaut
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A lot has been made about the alleged INR 12 crores that Kareena Kapoor Khan supposedly asked for a role as Sita in a reimagining of the Ramayana. There were also rumours that Deepika Padukone was approached for the role. Now, the screenwriter of the movie, Manoj Muntashir has clarified that these rumours are false.

“I am thrilled to have Kangana play Sita. She was on our priority list. Rumours were floating around about actresses like Kareena and Deepika being approached for the project, but they were not true. The Sita Devi we have sketched has various shades, and Kangana is the best cast from that point of view. Once you see the film in theatres, you won’t be able to visualise anybody in her place. We never approached other actresses and always wanted Kangana to play the title role. The search for a young actress to play the title role was on, as it is about Sita in her young days,” he told Free Press Journal.

“She believes in the character of Sita. Few people are naturally inclined towards that zone. With most actresses, you will have to make them understand what the DNA of Sita is. But Kangana is Sita…Also, Kangana has a strong personality, and my Sita is not shy, timid or vulnerable. She is someone who takes a stand, makes decisions. She has to be the flagbearer of Indian feminism-Sita should be a role model,” he added.


[Image Credit: Kangana  Ranaut]