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Janhvi Kapoor Has A Unique Way Of Evading The Paparazzi

Bollywood Actress Janhvi Kapoor spotted at Bandra in Mumbai
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It’s not easy being a star, especially if the paps are always on your trail. Janhvi Kapoor is definitely someone who gets mobbed by the paparazzi everywhere she goes. On a celebrity cooking show, Janhvi revealed that she spotted paps at the gym on a day when she wasn’t supposed to be there and was instead supposed to be sad and tired.

Hence, Janhvi sent her car one way and a few paps chased that car. Instead, she got into her friend’s car and tried to get away from another side. She revealed that she was actually chased by bikes. The actress went on to reveal that she has hidden in the boot of her car at times to evade the paps and that there is always a blanket in her car if she’s at a place she’s not supposed to be at, so she can hide under the blanket.


[Image Credit: ANI]