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Here’s What John Abraham Feels About Mumbai Saga Releasing In Theatres

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John Abraham has been pretty vocal about releasing his film Mumbai Saga in theatres, so much so, that when he heard that his movie might go the OTT way, he personally had a conversation with his director and producer. Abraham had also earlier said that he believes that 90 percent of the movies that opted for an OTT release were bad.

“A lot of actors are always worried about their filmography in terms of box office and how it will look eventually. I would say we are gutsy as a team to release our film in theatres,” Abraham told Bombay Times. “Emraan saw the movie before me, and he told me that, ‘John, this should go to the big screen.’ I don’t see it any other way either. It has heroism that people are missing. I would urge people to be responsible when they visit cinemas, but they should watch this film on a big screen. Today, we’re not worried even if we do take a hit. We understand that things won’t suddenly go back to what they were in 2019. We’ve gone past the stage of worrying about box office numbers. It’s important to bring the audience back,” he added.


[Image Credit: John Abraham]