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Fan Asks Sonu Sood To Sponsor His Wedding, Here’s What The Actor Said

Sonu Sood relaxing
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Ever since the national lockdown, actor Sonu Sood has been seen as a people’s messiah. The actor sponsored journeys for many migrant workers and has been in the frontline when it comes to helping those whose livelihood has been shattered due to the pandemic. For this, he has received immense support and love from across the country and his peers in the film industry.

However, because of his reputation as a problem solver, Sood also ends up receiving some odd requests on Twitter. On Monday, a fan asked the actor to sponsor his wedding. “Sir aap shaadi karwa denge kya (Sir, would you get me married)?” the fan asked. “Kyun nahin.. shaadi ke liye mantra bhi padh dunga! Buss ladki dhoodne ka kasht aap kar le (Why not? Will read the mantras at the wedding as well. Just take the trouble of finding a girl),” read Sood’s hilarious reply.


[Image Credit: Sonu Sood]