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Did You Know Sanjay Dutt Once Helped Vivek Oberoi Get Popular With The Women?

Vivek Oberoi & Sanjay Dutt pic collage
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Sanjay Dutt was quite the sexual awakening for many people in the 1980s. He was the bad, good boy instead of the cookie cutter heroes Bollywood always saw. Now, actor Vivek Oberoi has revealed that Dutt actually helped him out with girls when he was in school. How? Well, just by making an appearance. “It took me down memory lane, to the days when I was studying in a boarding school at the prestigious Mayo College in Ajmer. My father was shooting close by in Jaipur and decided to surprise me by visiting me in school. It was an amazing surprise to see dad but what left me shell-shocked was seeing the long-haired Sanjay Dutt pop out of the car. He was shooting with dad and decided to come along to say ‘hi’. Even back then, he was the most charming dude ever. I remember my mauke pe chauka moment. I requested Baba bhai if he would come with me for ten minutes to see the Mayo girl’s school right across the road. It was epic,” Oberoi told a leading daily.

“When he walked in with me, the gates opened. The chowkidars were just standing there agape. The girls went ballistic and I felt like a king! For months after that day, I was still basking in his borrowed glory. The real star had gone but I became a mini star in school. Even when I got into serious trouble for sneaking out of school to see a Sanjay Dutt movie, first-day first-show, I was smiling on the inside. He was my icon,” he added. How cool is that? Dutt and Oberoi have also acted together in Shooutout At Lokhandwala.