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BTS Fans Are Furious About A Caricature Depicting The Band’s Loss

BTS on a live show
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BTS fans are known to be the world’s most dedicated fanbase. However, a majority of this fanbase is also prone to severe trolling of anyone who doesn’t support their favourite stars or who thinks that their music is overrated. BTS recently performed at the Grammys and while their performance was appreciated, the fact that they did not win an award stung many.

Now, a trading stickers company called The Topps company has come under fire for a caricature depicting the band’s loss. The company released a series called The Shammy Awards collection which features the winners and losers of the Grammy awards. In the BTS image, the band can be seen in a ‘Whac-a-Mole’ game setup while a hand holding the Grammy awards hits them with the trophy and leaves bruises on their faces. The sticker is titled, “BTS Bruisers”.

BTS fans were enraged at this and began trending #RacismIsNotComedy. “ It’s 2021 and you think animating VIOLENCE ON ASIAN ARTISTS is humour ?? This is not art. This is bullying. This is disrespect. This is supporting hate against Asians. We want an explanation and an immediate apology,” a fan wrote.

“You somehow thought 7 Asian men being beaten by a trophy when there is such surge in hate crimes against Asian people was a “funny” exaggeration to create a comic effect ? Lets talk,” wrote another fan.


[Image Credit: Bangtan Official]