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Birthday Special: 7 Times Taapsee Pannu Clapped Back At Trolls

Taapsee Pannu
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Taapsee Pannu’s rise to fame in the past few years has, naturally, been because of her talent and great choice of films but it has also definitely been buoyed by her internet notoriety. While celebs from Bollywood are trolled irrespective of what they do, Taapsee faces a lot more of it because she’s not one to silence her views. The actress has spoken out multiple times about heinous acts and has been targeted by political trolls on Twitter for the same. Then, of course, there is that infamous fight with Kangana Ranaut which is ongoing.

On her birthday, we list down 7 times that this Haseen Dillruba gave it back to the trolls.

1. On facing heat from critics for Haseen Dillruba and taking offence to some personal remarks being made, Taapsee refused to let it go.

2. Taapsee also spoke out about certain people who will never be happy with Bollywood movies because of their colonial hangover.

3. When a male writer questioned Kanika Dhillon’s credentials, Taapsee called his sexism out. 

4. Taapsee has often been attacked for questioning the government’s mismanagement of the COVID-19 situation but she made her thoughts known in this tweet.

5. Even when the country was struggling to breathe during the second wave of COVID-19, some trolls kept crowding her timeline with their nonsense. This is, perhaps, the first time that Taapsee has lashed out in this way and rightly so.

6. Taapsee put all the “sasti” tweets in their place with this one Twitter thread following the raid at her residence in March today.

7. With ‘controversies’ being created over tweets, religion and shows for no reason at all, Taapsee has had enough of it. This tweet of hers went viral with 91,OOO retweets and over 287,000 likes.


[Image Credit: ANI]