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Actor Soni Razdan Finds Herself In Hot Water For Controversial Tweet

Mahesh Bhatt with his wife Soni Razdan
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At a time when thousands are still dying or are affected by the coronavirus, actress Soni Razdan has caused a mini Twitter furore for her comments demanding the COVID-19 vaccine for actors. The actress was replying to a tweet by Suhel Seth which went: “ FOR GOD’S SAKE, OPEN VACCINATION FOR ALL. WHOEVER WANTS IT SHOULD GET IT! WHO IS THE GOVERNMENT TO PRIORITISE WHICH PROFESSIONS ARE MORE VALUABLE THAN OTHERS? THESE ARE INDIAN LIVES WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.”

Responding to the tweet, Razdan said: “ So many actors get COVID-19 and are at huge risk when working. I mean we actually can’t wear masks. But no one seems to think they need to be able to take the vaccine yet.”

“People need to work right. Others can do so wearing protection but actors are the only people who cannot! And so… Oh and every actor isn’t a huge superstar .. so those who are whining on about that can keep shut. Stop watching content na then. It is made with great risk to the concerned actors” lives. Being at the top of one”s profession can’t be a disqualification for a vaccine. Jeez,” Razdan added.


[Image Credit: The Telegraph]