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7 Times Raghu Ram Made Contestants Cry On Roadies

Raghu Ram
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It seems like years have passed since the infamous days of MTV Roadies but if there’s one thing that people remember about the show besides its inanity is Raghu Ram, the show’s producer and host, making contestants cry. Ram and his twin, Rajiv Lakshman, were the highlights of the show simply because they treated the contestants like filth and the dirt beneath their fingernails. On his birthday, we take a look at all the times he made contestants cry on the show which weirdly raised the show’s TRP sky high.

1. In this video, we can see the hosts of the show conducting auditions in Chandigarh but one particular contestant manages to piss Raghu and his twin off.

2. Remember when we told you that Raghu and his twin were famous for making contestants cry on Roadies. Half of the reason these contestants cried was because of the absolutely despicable language they used. Watch below, but be warned – viewer discretion is advised.

3. A contestant called Bhubin gained some amount of virality when he cross-questioned Raghu and his gang of boys about their experience, intellect and opinions. Naturally, this pissed off Raghu who didn’t want to be questioned.

4. Sometimes, this cesspool of faux machismo and chauvinism would try to be an agony aunt session. Hence, contestants would get teary-eyed not because Raghu asked them to blow him but because the trio were being nice. Weird.

5. Everybody knows what a King Ayushmann Khurrana is and the wonders he has done for the Hindi film industry. But, did you know that Raghu had accused him of being fake? Lol.

6. In this video, you can see the trio – Raghu, Rajiv and Ranvijay – raise concerns about a wannabe contestant’s job, leaving him extremely upset.

7. In this same video, there is some dude called Ashish who complains about their behaviour and demands a private interview – causing the three to lose their cool.


[Image Credit: Raghu Ram]