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6 Times Swara Bhasker Gave It Back To Her Trolls

Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar
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If you’re a Bollywood actor, there is a 100 percent guarantee that you will get trolled irrespective of your values, beliefs or choice of films. With Twitter and Instagram giving absolute anonymity to any Tom, Dick and Harry, not a day goes by when our stars don’t get hate online. It’s a wonder they’re still sane. One of the stars who gets trolled regularly is the inimitable Swara Bhasker. Bhasker has to be one of the sassiest and most thick skinned celebrities out there. In fact, her Twitter bio reads: “Introduced the vibrator to the Indian silver screen & gave employment for years to come to countless trolls and other vermin.”

She is, of course, referring to her scene from Veere Di Wedding where she uses a vibrator. This scene created quite a tizzy in India. On her birthday, we catalogue all those times Bhasker gave it back to her trolls and how!

Bhasker is often categorised as an urban naxal by trolls because of her views against the BJP. The actress recently took to Twitter to share a news report which showed that two BJP leaders were among the 13 convicted for supplying arms to Naxals. “Hey @vivekagnihotri @ashokepandit @Rajput_Ramesh and other Sanghi Uncles who spend ALL their time spreading lies & hate about libs..Here is who the Real ‘urban-naxals’ are, since 2015 it would seem.. Now pls EAT that,” she wrote.

On Holi this year, the actress shared a picture of herself covered in orange powder and wrote “Yeah! Not that bhagwaa” followed by demons and smirking emojis. This was meant for all her “sanghi” trolls.

Many trolled her masturbation scene but one particular idiot decided to ridicule her by commenting on her father, retired Commodore, Chitrapu Uday Bhaskar’s social media post saying, “Who she is and what she is doing sir?? I confused… A bigggggg faaaaan of @ReallySwara” and shared that particular still. Bhasker immediately gave it back to him, saying: “I’m an ‘actor’ & I’m ‘acting’ like I’m using a vibrator Palash. U don’t need to ask my father, you can ask me directly the next time you have any doubts! p.s. drop the Veer from your name bro, anyone trying to shame an older person by such cheap tactics is not v brave! Cheers.”

Again, before elections, internet trolls began circulating pictures with the words “This election season, don’t be Swara Bhaskar. Use your finger wisely” written on them. Bhasker couldn’t care less and wrote back: “Awwwwwww!!!!! My trolls are hard at work again, sweating it out in the heat to popularise my name.. You guys are SO dedicated & sweet! Don’t mind the slut-shaming guys.. their imagination is a bit limited.. but loving the effort you two”.

Another hater asked Bhasker to go to hell and she wrote back: “Christian Hell, Muslim Hell, Jewish Hell, or one of Many Hindu hells mentioned in Garuda Purana?? But then Vedas speak of Pitra Loka & the Vedic Naraka is different from Puranic Naraka…so please clarify!in case you can’t comprehend pls contact real scholar @devduttmyth”.

Another time, Bhasker wrote: “I have a joke about the Right wing .. but they didn’t get it and lynched it – the joke is now dead!” A right-wing supporter replied to her tweet and said: “I have a joke on finger but her finger is inside of something.” Not one to be shamed, Bhasker wrote back: “I have a joke about masturbation and it gave frustrated Right Wing trolls employment!”


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