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6 Of Rani Mukerji’s Best Performances

Bollywood actress Rani Mukherji looks on during the promotion
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Every film industry has its Queen of Hearts and for Bollywood, that’s Rani Mukerji. The actress has always been seen as a warm, welcoming person and her characters in films also have the same touch. It also helps that Mukerji is a remarkable actress – she practically ruled the roost in the early 2000s and worked with all the top names in the industry. The turning point in her career came when she starred in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black where she showed everyone just how talented and committed she truly is. That doesn’t mean that Mukerji has only done good films – she’s had rotten luck at the movies too in between. However, she still manages to shine through even if the script and the supporting cast don’t always help her out. We list 6 of her best performances.

1. Hichki

Hichki movie poster

Hichki was always going to be an emotional movie due to the storyline. However, Mukerji brought a sensitive take to her character who suffers from Tourette Syndrome in the film. In a matter of months, she turns her biggest weakness into her biggest strength all the while proving that what students really need is a loving teacher.

2. Saathiya

Saathiya Movie Poster

Saathiya had one of the best music albums of all time and Mukerji’s portrayal of Suhaani even won her the Filmfare Critics’ Award for Best Actress. The film was one of those rare specimens which won critics’ approval and was also a massive success at the box office.

3. Hum Tum

Hum Tum movie poster

Hum Tum’s posters made it seem like the movie would just be for comic relief but Mukerji delivered one of the best performances of her career in the film. From joy to laughter to sorrow, Mukerji was a fountain of emotions and even bagged the Filmfare Award for the Best Actress.

4. Black

Black movie poster

No matter what role Mukerji picks up in the future, she’ll never truly be able to recreate the astounding magic of her performance in Black. Her role as Michelle was so powerful that it made everyone across the world sit up and take notice of the actress. Black is one of Bollywood’s finest films till date.

5. No One Killed Jessica

No One Killed Jessica movie poster

Fierce and feisty, Mukerji’s character in No One Killed Jessica doesn’t take no for an answer and will go to any lengths to prove the truth. It also helps that her co-star in the movie was Vidya Balan who is a remarkable actress herself. Mukerji’s character in the film is foul-mouthed and very prone to using expletives which was a major deviation from Mukerji’s nice girl image.

6. Mardaani

Mardaani movie poster

Many have tried and failed to create a female version of Singham but Mardaani is the only movie that comes close. Mukerji played a badass police officer in the movie whose only God is justice and she serves justice to those who evade the law and participate in the evil world of flesh trading.


[Image Credits: ANI & IMDb]