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15 Best Spy Thriller Shows To Watch In 2022

Best Spy Thriller Shows to Watch
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There has to be a reason why everyone loves spy thrillers so much. Maybe it gives them some insight into this murky, dark and mysterious world filled with sabotage and espionage. It could also be because, for men, it doesn’t get cooler than being James Bond. It could also be because Hollywood’s idea of female spies is a gorgeous woman encased in leather or a red gown with a split that runs all the way up her thigh. Whatever the reason, spy thrillers are here to stay because, truly, there seems to be no end to storylines in this genre. We list some Indian and as well as International spy thrillers you must watch.


Nikita web series poster
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Watch on: Prime Video

With 73 episodes, Nikita is easily one of the most popular spy thrillers out there. It made Maggie Q into an international sensation and the general consensus states that it is, indeed, worth your time. This is one of the best spy web series of all time, for sure. You must definitely check it out.


Killing Eve web series poster
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Watch on: Prime Video

Starring Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh, there isn’t one OTT fanatic who hasn’t heard of Killing Eve. This Emmy-award winning series is as heady as they come. This spy web series is a hit on Twitter and is definitely a must-watch.


The Family Man web series poster
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Watch on: Prime Video

If it has Manoj Bajpayee in it, it is definitely worth watching. And seeing the Twitter frenzy that the Season 2 trailer elicited, it’s safe to say that The Family Man Season 2 will be a hit for sure. This is one of the best Indian spy thriller web series and is a must-watch. It also won big at the Filmfare OTT Awards.


Fauda web series poster
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Watch on: Netflix 

This one is for the serious guys. Fauda is not fun and games, it’s serious work. If you’re looking to understand the Israel-Palestine conflict, Fauda is the show for you. On our list of the top spy thriller web series, this ranks really high.


Bodyguard series poster
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Watch on: Netflix

There was a media frenzy when Bodyguard released in 2018. It stars Richard Madden (of Game of Thrones fame) and Keeley Hawes in the lead role. The first season ended on a bitter note, here’s hoping season 2 is a tad happier. However, if you’re looking forward to watching a a great spy thriller web series, this one is the one to bingewatch right away.


Covert Affairs TV series poster
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Watch on: Prime Video

Remember when we talked about sexy female spies? It doesn’t get sexier that Piper Perabo’s Annie Walker in this show. While this show isn’t as great as some of the others on this list, it is definitely one of the top spy thriller web series on the internet.


Bard of Blood web series poster
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Watch on: Netflix

Bard of Blood is an Indian spy thriller which stars Emraan Hashmi and Sobhita Dhulipala in the lead roles. The series is directed by Ribhu Dasgupta and produced by Red Chillies Entertainment. The show also stars Kirit Kulhari and Jaideep Ahlawat.

“It’s very authentic and true to the milieu. We met Balochi people, interacted with them and watched videos as to how the place is projected in movies. So, we have done our bit,” Emraan Hashmi had told The Hindu about the show.


The Spy web series poster
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Watch on: Netflix

With a 86 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.9 out of 10 on IMDb, this show is the true story of an Israeli spy who infiltrated the Syrian government. The series stars Sacha Baron Cohen which has probably already piqued your interest. It is definitely one of the more evolved Netflix spy web series out there available on any OTT platform and is going to be the perfect weekend bingewatch.


Agent Carter web series poster
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Watch on: Disney+ Hotstar 

Yep, this is her. Agent Carter is a show that follows Captain America’s girlfriend as she works for S.H.I.E.L.D. We are all missing the OG Avengers and the team and God only knows when the other movies will come out. Eternals must have left a bad taste in your mouth so you can rinse it out with this outstanding OTT spy thriller web series.


The Blacklist poster
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Watch on: Netflix 

With seven seasons, The Blacklist is one of the most popular spy series out there. The exploits of Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen are the stuff of legend. With the new COVID-19 variant wreaking havoc across the world and schools and offices shutting down again, its best to warm some hot chocolate and watch this interesting web series – alone or with a date.


Special Ops Poster
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Watch on: Disney + Hotstar

Created by Neeraj Pandey with joint direction by Pandey and Shivam Nair, Special Ops and Special Ops 1.5 is a popular Hindi-language espionage thriller show which you can watch on Disney + Hotstar. The series stars Kay Kay Menon as Himmat Singh, a member of Research and Analysis Wing who leads a team of 5 agents.

This spy thriller show also stars Vinay Pathak, Gautami Kapoor, Aftab Shivdasani, Aadil Khan, Parmeet Sethi, Kali Prasad Mukherjee. “OTT has broadened the opportunities for artists. If it is a theatrical commercial project then there is always very limited scope for actors like m. It is a very small group as controlling things. But now the medium is larger with the advent of OTTs and now artistes have full freedom to experiment with the kind of roles they want to do and what they want to do,” Special Ops 1.5 actor Shivjyoti Rajput told Hindustan Times.

12. SHE

She poster
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Watch on: Netflix

Imtiaz Ali comes to Netflix with She. Directed by Arif Ali and Avinash Das, the show stars Aaditi Pohankar, Vijay Varma and Kishore in the lead roles. The show chronicles Aaditi’s journey from meek constable to a seductive spy as she comes into her own, sexually and professionally. It’s titillating and exciting and a good one-time watch. “When I was shooting for the film, it was another feeling of achievement because the script was giving me the power and that resonated with the audience. Today, when I relive my times as Bhumika, it gives me so much inspiration to work more and more,” Aaditi told India Today.

“I feel so empowered as an actor today. I’m enjoying this completely without thinking what will happen next,” she added.


Crackdown poster
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Watch on: Voot

This spy series stars Saqib Saleem in the lead role and is directed by Apoorva Lakhia. “It’s been a year since Manoj Bajpayee’s The Family Man had us enthralled. With the second season still quite some way off, Apoorva Lakhia steps in with a crackling thriller, Crackdown. Grab the popcorn,” the Hindustan Times had said in its review of the spy series.“The 8-episode web series is a full-blown answer to the Manoj-starrer, minus the comedy and the charm of the Satya actor, of course. This one is a no-nonsense drama that has its heart and focus at just the right place. The powerful script does everything else,” the review had added.


Kathmandu Connection Poster
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Watch on: Sony Liv

If you’ve finished watching every other series on this list and are still hungry for more, head over to Sony Liv to watch Kathmandu Connection. The show aims to do a lot even if it doesn’t always succeed. It has an interesting plot and an idea to do a lot but it’s just not as great as the others on this list. However, if you’re a fan of spy thrillers, you might find this one passable.


Quantico Poster
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Quantico changed the spy-thriller genre in the sense that it starred an Indian woman as the lead in a major network drama for the first time. Priyanka Chopra was phenomenal in the show and it launched her Hollywood career. Today, she doesn’t have to look back. The West is enamoured by her and every little thing she does is celebrated. That is the power a good series and a good actress.