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Tips To Maintain Your Vintage Or Classic Car

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Owners of vintage and classic cars take immense effort in maintaining their pride and joy to work immaculately. However, they can be real pain points in your life if you don’t look after them regularly. For that we have made a checklist that you should look at if you own or are planning to buy one in the future. 

▶ Check fluids regularly

One of the most important things that a vintage and classic car owner should ensure is that all the necessary fluids in their cars are topped up and are in good condition. Old cars have a tendency to leak important fluids occasionally or when they’re parked for long durations.

▶ Keep it stored in a proper facility

It is pertinent to make sure that your vintage or classic car is parked appropriately. Many experts advise that you should park your car in a cool, dry place that is usually a garage constructed out of brick and mortar. The idea behind this is to safeguard your car against potentially dangerous aspects of the environment that could lead to rust or damage.

▶ Check for and treat rusts, damages occasionally

Speaking of which, do give your car a thorough check occasionally to see if it is developing rust. Cars in areas with high moisture content tend to develop more rust and rust can harm your car or even deem it unusable if it cannot be treated. Also, make sure there are no damages to the other parts of the car. Being old, finding spare parts in good condition is tricky.

▶ Turn on the engine

If kept unused for a long time, the engines of old cars tend to seize up. This could lead to disaster. Experts say that cranking the engine on a regular basis tends to keep its mechanical parts in check. Regular use of the engine will also ensure that it stays well lubricated even when parked for longer durations.

▶ Keep it clean

The importance of keeping your car — be it modern, classic or vintage — clean can’t be stressed enough. Getting rid of dirt should be your priority as dirt and grime can damage the paintwork of your car. Apart from that, a clean car looks prettier than a dirty car, in most cases. 


[Featured Image Credit: Unsplash]