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Nissan Unveils A Road Map Of What’s Coming – “Ambition 2030”

Nissan Ambition 2030
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Nissan Motor Corporation has recently put out a video named ‘Ambition 2030‘. The plan is to spend gobs of money on an ambitious electrification strategy. The company said it has planned to spend 2 trillion yen (around Rs.1.33 lakh crore) over the next five years to accelerate the roll-out of electric vehicles. And to emphasize that point, Nissan unveiled a pack of delightful EV concepts, including an adorable pickup truck, an outdoorsy SUV, and a sleek sports car.

Globally, Nissan has planned to invest $17.6 billion over the next five years to offer more battery-powered vehicles to customers. The company is developing a solid-state battery, which can power even big electric vehicles. Overall, the company aims to launch 23 electrified vehicles by 2030. Of these, 15 will be full-electric models. 

The CEO, Makoto Uchida, mentioned transforming Nissan into a company that would be sustainable and needed by its customers. “We do think that there will be a need coming in India for electrification, and we are going to prepare ourselves for that at the right time, with the right product. That is something we are working on in our company with our partner. There will be something for sure in India,” Uchida said, adding that the company will share specifics of the product and the timeline for the launch as the preparations mature.

Ambition 2030 also includes targets for Nissan’s future sales mix. In the next five years (by 2026), Nissan wants to sell 75% “electrified” vehicles in Europe, 55% in Japan, and 40% in China. It also wants to reach 40% “electrified” vehicles in the US by 2030, and a 50% “electrified” mix globally by the same year. On batteries, Nissan is pursuing what it calls “all-solid-state batteries (ASSB)” by 2028. The company is preparing a “pilot plant” in Yokohama, Japan, for early 2024. Solid-state batteries could theoretically charge faster, hold more power, and last longer than traditional lithium-ion batteries. 

Also, the company showcased a total of 3 of its concept cars which looked like they were actually from 2030. All three vehicles looked sleek, sophisticated and extraordinary on technology. 

Nissan was the leader in electrification with the Leaf, which first hit the road in 2011. But, after that, we really didn’t see anything other than a few concepts here and there. We are eagerly waiting to see if this time they’ve hit the nail on the head. Do let us know down below what you think of their “Ambition 2030“.


[Featured Image Credit: Nissan Motor]