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5 Of The Most Fun To Drive Roads In India

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Travelling via road is everyone’s dream and getting to drive on fun roads makes the dreams even special. But what constitutes a fun road? Is it the tarmac or is the number of bends that one gets to experience. For us, it is a mixture of both and we have a list of the five of the best roads one can travel on which you can have fun.

1. Guwahati-Shillong Highway


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Being a personal favourite, the highway connecting Guwahati, Assam and Shillong, Meghalaya is approximately 100kms long and has many curves along the way. Also, you’d be subjected to amazing views. While the locals may suggest you take a cab, driving down this road is an experience on its own. 

2. Kolli Hills


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Located in Tamil Nadu, the hill station has spectacular views. Take the entrance to Kolli Hills from Karavalli and you’ll be treated to 70 hairpin bends till the apex. Avoid visiting the place during the monsoon season, according to the locals.

3. Ranchi Patratu Valley


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Connecting the capital of Jharkhand, Ranchi, and the Patratu Valley Dam in Ramgarh district, this road is popular with the motorcycling enthusiasts of the area. As per the locals, the road is superbly fun to drive on and makes you wish it never ended. But, this route is filled with picturesque views that may entice you to stop the car to enjoy them too. 

4. Zuluk, Sikkim


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The road leading to Zuluk, a small hamlet in Sikkim, has more than hairpin bends, but those bends are said to be extremely dangerous yet fun to drive on. It is suggested that one shouldn’t drive on these roads while it’s snowing. Also, you need to procure a special permit to reach Zuluk and you’d find a dearth of hotels when you visit. It is advised to stay with locals to have the best experience.

5. Dehradun to Chakrata


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A relatively easy route, the road connecting Dehradun to Chakrata has some amazing views of the Himalayas on either side. However, the actual fun to drive road begins around Dakpatthar and ends at Chakrata, as it has multiple hairpin bends that will thrill the driver inside you.


[Featured Image Credit: Unsplash/ Clay Banks]