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5 Best Road Trips From Mumbai That You Should Experience

Best Road Trips From Mumbai
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Mumbai has been dubbed the ‘city that never sleeps’ and rightfully so. Each day, millions of people move around the city to reach their goals. However, the constant drive to reach their goals can be stressful and a road trip with friends and family could be a good stressbuster. We have curated a list of five good destinations for road trips from the financial capital of India.

1. GOA (568km)


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What comes to your mind when you first think about a road trip in India? Is it the movie Dil Chahta Hai where three boys take a Mercedes Benz SL to Goa from Mumbai? Well, you’re not alone. Goa is the quintessential destination for a road trip and rightfully so. The sea-facing state of Goa has numerous beaches, cheap beer, and is best experienced on two-wheelers. People say the best time to visit is between November and February.



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Another popular destination for a road trip is the hill station of Lonavala and its twin city of Khandala. The latter was made famous by lines of the song from the movie Ghulam. You can indulge in adventure sports climbing, hiking, trekking, and repelling. Alternatively, you can also visit an ancient jail that was built in 1896. The period from July to September is said to be ideal for visiting the two hill stations.

3. IGATPURI (121km)


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Being roughly three hours away from Mumbai, Igatpuri has been a popular destination for bikers. Being another hill station on the list, you can take part in activities like trekking, camping, rafting and more. You can also just take in the amazing views and relax. It is said that the perfect time to visit Igatpuri is from December to February.



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Mahabaleshwar is ideal for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai over a long weekend. You can visit places like Venna Lake, Elephant’s Head Point, Pratapgarh Fort, Arthur’s Seat and more. Best time to visit is the March to June period.

5. MATHERAN (83km)


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Matheran is an ideal spot for nature lovers as it is one of the few vehicle-free hill stations in the world. However, the best mode of transportation to reach Matheran is via a motorcycle. It is also a good spot for a day-long from Mumbai. The ideal time to visit is between October and May. 

While you plan your road trip, check that your vehicle is in good mechanical condition so that you’re not left stranded on the side of the road. To make sure none of this happens to you, get your car or motorcycle thoroughly serviced before the trip. The servicing should top up the engine oil, coolant, necessary filters in the engine, and the brakes should also be in a condition to last the entire trip. 

High altitude destinations put the strain on the engine more so do check that your vehicle has clean air and fuel filter. Most importantly, you should ensure that the tyres on your vehicle have enough tread for the road trip.


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